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Love Comics? Listen up! Hosts Dave Schultz and John Benedict bring news, reviews and interviews with your favorite creators every Wednesday. Sparks tend to fly as they debate what's worthy on the racks and discuss everything about the reads that fuel your fandom. The search is over, Parlipod is your four color fix!

May 30, 2018


John gives his thoughts on " Making Fun - The story of Funko" on Netflix, Max Bemis's run on Moon Knight, Man of Steel #1, No Justice #4, and Doomsday Clock #5. Stay tuned till end of credits for a very special...

May 23, 2018

While Dave is away, the boys will play. Team Johnny Pal discuss mustaches, Venom #1 , Flash #47, and the most excellent Detective Comics #981. All that and quick hits also. This episode will change your world ! ...or at the very least you'll have some good books...

May 16, 2018



Dave is away on vacation, so John is joined by special guest Dustin Caudill from Nerd Bites Weekly. On this episode we talk Avengers Infinity war, Cobra Kai, Batman #47, and Justice League: No Justice. Smack your granny on the ass , and listen up Johnny Pals. You're in for a hell of a show...

May 9, 2018

On this awesome audio adventure anointed Parlipod: Dave is joined by guest host Shawn to discuss what kind of muck encrusted mayhem they want to see on the new Swamp Thing Streaming Series from DC Universe. They meet Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #1 in the squared circle and let you know if this Indie book rules...

May 2, 2018

 ON THIS PULSE POUNDING, PAGE TURNING, POTENT PODCAST CALLED PARLIPOD: We investigate DC writer Steve Orlando and debate if he deserved to handle the reigns of the JLA. Reviews of Thanos Annual #1 and DC Nation #0 PLUS: Tramp stamp tattoos and a Bendis brawl.

Love Comics? Then listen UP and fuel your fandom!