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Parlipod throws the format out the window. If you enjoy honest comic reviews, “geek” social commentary, and all things awesome, then Paripod is the place for you.

Dec 6, 2017

On this episode our All in or No Dice segment returns, providing you with the comic headlines of the week. How much value is in a Comic Bento subscription? The Parlipod Team unboxes Novembers offering and discovers they are on the nice list. This is followed with a review the DC Comics 2017 Holiday Special but does this book bring the cheer or will the price tag leave you in tears? Finally, Batman White Knight #3 hits the shelves this week and while still proving to be an decent read is it the silent knight of the series? Oh the puns, they will kill ya! PLUS: Dave rocks bell bottom pants and John reveals his love for the sitcom Different Strokes. All in or No Dice (2:40) Comic Bento Unboxing (5:14) DC Holiday Special (13:55) Batman White Knight #3 (29:19) Visit and use code PARLIPOD at check out for 20% off new subscriptions