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Parlipod throws the format out the window. If you enjoy honest comic reviews, “geek” social commentary, and all things awesome, then Paripod is the place for you.

Jan 10, 2018

This episode we Quick Hit Review a bevy of books: Spider-Man #236, Iron Fist #76, Guardians of the Galaxy #150, X-Men Gold #19, Phoenix Resurrection #2, Black Panther 2099 Walking Dead #175, Thor #700, Spirits of Vengeance #1, Iron Man #593-595 and Avengers #672. We stand united in our opinion of the simple yet strong Captain America #697. John then gives us his Boob Tube Reviews of Godless, Black Mirror and Dark from Netflix as well as Hulu's Runaways. Moon Knight #188-190 is discussed in depth as the creative team is proving to be one of the strongest to emerge from Marvel Legacy. We wrap up with Mister Miracle #6. Billed as the emotional end to the first arc does the SPOILER truly bring the feels or is this story stuck in neutral? Show Notes: QUICK HIT REVIEWS 2:10 CAPTAIN AMERICA #697 14:00 BOOB TUBE REVIEW 21:30 MOON KNIGHT #188-190 36:18 MISTER MIRACLE #6 52:38