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Parlipod throws the format out the window. If you enjoy honest comic reviews, “geek” social commentary, and all things awesome, then Paripod is the place for you.

Apr 11, 2018

On this jam packed episode of Parlipod we discuss the bizarre news surrounding Stan Lee's blood and the last time plasma mixed with print in the infamous 1977 Kiss comic. Immortal Men #1 from DC infuriates the hosts and Dave makes a suggestion for the publisher to save face. A review of Detective Comics #978 perks us up prior to our interview with Nightwing/Power Rangers writer Kyle Higgins.



Stan Lee/KISS- 2:25

Biff Tannen Method- 9:00

Immortal Men #1- 19:34

Detective Comics #978- 25:42

Kyle Higgins Interview- 37:06

Tyrannosaurus Rex- 47:57