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Love Comics? Listen up! Hosts Dave Schultz and John Benedict bring news, reviews and interviews with your favorite creators every Wednesday. Sparks tend to fly as they debate what's worthy on the racks and discuss everything about the reads that fuel your fandom. The search is over, Parlipod is your four color fix!

Apr 18, 2018

It's a bird...It's a plane...It's a podcast!? Yes indeed and what a show we have for you! Dave and John get their trunks in a twist over Action Comics #1000, talk grading, Titans set photos, DC variant covers and review Batman #45 starring Booster Gold! Love comics? Then listen up and fuel your fandom!


Titans Set Photos- 2:00

DC Variants- 4:10

Slabs/Grading Comics- 5:28

Action Comics #1000- 16:57

Batman #45- 39:00