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Parlipod throws the format out the window. If you enjoy honest comic reviews, “geek” social commentary, and all things awesome, then Paripod is the place for you.

Aug 8, 2018

From the ashes of Parlipod Crisis, a podcast is reborn! This is the reboot everyone has been waiting for! In this first issue relaunch, guests galore have stopped by to talk shop with us. Kevin Conroy "Batman", Julie Nathanson "Silver Banshee", and Fred Tatasciore "Everybody else ;-)" discuss Lego DC Super Villians. I was able to get the scoop on Young Justice season 3 from Troy Baker "Geoforce" and Stephanie Lemelin "Artimis". I then got to sit down with the beautiful Rebbeca Romijn "Lois Lane" and hubby Jerry O'Connell "Superman", as well as Jason O'Mara "Batman", and Christopher Gorham "Flash" to talk the Death of Superman animated movie. But wait, you didn't think we stopped doing comic reviews did you? This episode we review Cable #156, Punisher #228, Justice League#5, and Justice League Dark #1. We've taken format, and thrown it out the window! You'll never know what we'll talk about next! Join John Benedict and new Co-Host Takoda Riley, as they usher in a bold new age for Parlipod!