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Love Comics? Listen up! Hosts Dave Schultz and John Benedict bring news, reviews and interviews with your favorite creators every Wednesday. Sparks tend to fly as they debate what's worthy on the racks and discuss everything about the reads that fuel your fandom. The search is over, Parlipod is your four color fix!

Mar 29, 2017

Lindsay calls Dave up to talk about Venomized Variants from Marvel Comics. She loves her some symbiotes,but does this gimmick get the green light? Reborn is about to end and we recap what's happened in the Image Comics fantasy epic thus far. Dave has a hard time dieting with Cadbury Creme Eggs lurking around every corner and a debate over toilet paper leads to savagery PLUS: Lindsay attended the Animatic Convention in Cincinnati and snagged some cool interviews with Cosplayers Super Kayce (31:05), Hailey S Cosplay (34:25), Knightmage Michael Wilson (49:06), Musician/Comedian Mikey Mason (40:36) and Con Head Brent Filipkowski (55:47). If you missed this "Con with a Cause" don't skip these clips as the artistry behind Cosplay is discussed and find out how you can inspire Mikey Mason's next song